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Family Immersions

A three-day Intensive where I come to you

  • 72 hr
  • See Offerings Page
  • Online or in-person as location allows

Service Description

Each family is its own entity with ego, personality, heart, and needs. When old patterns and set dynamics are met with everyday challenges or intense experiences, energy can become blocked and pain results. Family Immersions provide a safe time and place to meet the challenges with curiosity, understanding, listening, and reflection. This offering provides a deeper dive into the family system, allowing time to sit in circle to have the needed conversations, learn tools and new skills to bring about greater harmony, be seen, and gain new understanding through reflection and witnessing one another in a held and safe container. Activities, questions, art, movement, and discussion may all be utilized. You will leave with agreements and action steps for moving forward in a new way together. We will initially meet on Zoom or in-person if location allows, so that intentions and the needs of your family can be expressed. There will be time to talk with each person individually before I come your way. The immersion is in-person. I will arrive sometime in the afternoon, stay the next day, and leave the following day, again sometime in the afternoon or early evening. Please reach out for more information. This is an in-valuable way to reset and gain deeper understanding and appreciation for your family and each individual that creates the Being of it.

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