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SoulFire guides you on a journey
to help you reignite the truly unique, gifted person you are
and what it can mean to your world. 

SoulFire Passage

Tending One's Unique Fire

For Teens

This 28-week program follows the school year and is designed to locate, cultivate, and ignite the unique wisdom and genius within youth today. Each one of us is made of soul-fire. So often, and especially during the teen years, circumstances and intensities bombard, causing us to defend, minimize, depress, shelter, or abandon ourselves. 

Imagine a place that counters these tendencies of self diminishment. Imagine a container that holds each student on their unique path of becoming, while fanning their soul-fire as the most important gift to offer themselves and the world. Imagine our youth being skillfully, intimately mentored as they navigate the questions of,

"Who am I?" and "What are the gifts I am here to bring?"

That is the premise of this program.

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28 Weeks: A Journey Through Four Gates

The 28 weeks are grouped into four sections, or gates, that are each 5-8 weeks long.

Each gate holds a certain focus:

The Art of Contemplation, Coming Home to Self, My Place in the Web, and Soul Nature.


Within these gates, subject-matter will be offered pertaining to that theme. Through inquiry-based discussion, art projects, creative-engagement activities, and self-reflection exercises, we deepen our understanding of the gate we are exploring. 

(There is a week at the very end of the program, from May 29 - June 2,

that will focus on bringing all four gates together in our culmination.)


Gate One
The Art of Contemplation
October 3 - November 4

What's living within the pause? 

During the first gate, we explore the Art of Contemplation. As people, we need to create and harness the pause in order to take any aligned action. First comes the practice of stillness, reflection, and finding the space of presence within the moment.


Gate Two
Coming Home to Self
November 7 - January 27
(Time-Off: November 21-25; December 19 - January 13)

Who am I, really?  

The second gate focuses on one's Soul-Fire. What lights me up? How do I resource myself in order to come back to center?  What feels most aligned with who I am? Through self-reflection and awareness, we take the journey to discover the pulse that is innately unique to us.

earth altars_edited_edited.jpg

Gate Three
Your Place in the Web
January 30 - March 17

Where is my authentic place

in the web of community?

During our third gate, we explore one's responsibility and place within the web of family and community. We'll take time to look at and refine family dynamics, ancestral patterns and gifts, and communication styles. Families are asked to participate as I help to hold and coach your family unit as it pertains to your teen and ultimately to your family system. From here, youth can turn towards their larger community to find their authentic place of engagement and find how their gifts are the greatest service to the whole. 

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Gate Four
Inner and Outer Landscapes
April 3 - May 26

What is it to be human?

In our fourth gate, we explore together the inner and outer wilderness of life. Our terrain within mirrors that of the planet.  We'll explore the rhythms and cycles of Earth and our connection with them as well as the bigger fields which hold us and move our lives. During this gate, we will spend time outside wherever participants happen to live. 

Structural Elements of SoulFire


Beginning October 3rd and going until June 9th,

we will meet online and/or in-person (if location allows) within a weekly structure.

Each week, we will meet as a whole group on Zoom to dive into each gate's content. Inherently as we share and support each other, a family-like atmosphere will be created, fostering the sense of truly being

 seen, heard, and validated.

Each week, I will also meet one-on-one with each participant to provide individual support and reflection.  

Parents, youth, and myself will check-in together once per gateway.

Aspects of SoulFire Include:

* One Zoom Call per Week (All Participants)

* One Individual Mentoring Meeting per Week (Remote or In-Person)

*  Check-In Meeting Once per Gateway (Individual Participant and Parents)

*Written Reflection From Me to Each Participant (At End of Program)

* Closing Zoom Call (All Participants and Parents)

* An optional Participant and Family THREE-DAY IMMERSION 

will be offered at the end of the program. Details to be announced. *


The Three Main Elements of SoulFire







*  Weekly One hour 
Whole Group Session *

These calls occur once a week and will highlight various facets of the particular gate we are exploring. Art projects, creative expression, activities, discussion, and/or reflective contemplation will be offered as a way to deepen the topic and theme over the course of the week.

* Weekly 30-45 Minute

Individual Session *

Once a week, I will meet with each participant (online or in-person) to check-in with them about how they're doing, what is surfacing, and offer space for them to reflect. This is the time when I connect with each person in a unique, individual way... holding areas that need tending, and supporting what is coming alive.

* One 30-45 Minute Meeting

at the End of Each Gate *

At the end of each gate, participants and parents will meet with me together to talk about how it's going, what is moving, and ways to harmonize sticky dynamics and patterns ready for attention. I will listen, hold space, and offer my reflection and guidance as needed and desired.


Questions to Keep the Flame Alive

For Teens:

What lights me up?

For Parents:
Where do I judge my teen's fire?

For Teens:

Where can I  truly be me?


For Parents:
Where do I assert my agenda on my teen?

For Teens and Parents:
When was the last time I stopped and focused on my breath? 

Take a moment.
Take a breath.

For Teens:
Can I locate the place within me that does not change or move?

For Parents:
Do I view my teen as a representation
of me?

Make This the Year That
You Find You

SoulFire is accepting 8 participants into the program at this time. 

To apply, please press the "Application" button below.

Once accepted, you will receive active links to registration and payment. 

Tuition for SoulFire Passage

If you are feeling the call, don't hesitate to reach out.

Let's find the way to make this program work for your family. 


Sliding Scale
$450 - $550/month

for 9 months (October-June)
of inspired curriculum, mentoring, counsel,
and family coaching.

 Limited Scholarships Available
Soul Fire Introduction Call
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