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Wholistic Mentoring and Inquiry-based Coaching
for Teens, Parents, and Families


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Who I Am ~ SoulFire

Inspired Mentor, Teacher, Coach

~ Based in Ashland, Oregon 

Serving families around the world ~

I am passionate about working with teenagers.

With over 20 years of experience working with this age-group in one-on-one mentoring and counseling sessions, in circles and backpacking trips, and in the Waldorf classroom as a class teacher, I know the importance of holding space and being with our young people in an authentic way. I do this with heart, presence, and the capacity to truly listen. As youth feel truly seen, heard, and validated, they blossom. Guiding youth back home to themselves and the planet grounds and provides resources innate to them and essential. As I work with parents, the potential for harmonious relationships within the family grows which adds in monumental ways to the health and inner-fire of our youth and the fabric of our communities. 


The Practice

These times are intense landscapes to navigate for anyone, especially for youth, teens, young adults. Polarization, technology, social media overload, schedules that fill without even trying, menacing climate scenarios--the uncertainty and pulling in all directions--can lead to a sense of isolation, numbness, anxiety, depression, and a loss of motivation – a separation from Essential Self.  Helping individuals find answers to “Who am I in all this?’ ‘Who do I want to be in all this?’ and ‘How can I hold on to that self?’ is my work. 


Discovering ease and purpose amidst the cacophony of the world takes discovering the anchor within, the power of one’s essence. By providing a calm space and listening deeply, by talking and sharing time together, by being wholly available without judgment, by seeing past the limiting stories someone has come to believe about themselves and reflecting back to them their true beauty, one is ushered upon the path and begins to feel their way…home. Authentic connection - strengthens. The feeling of being seen - opens.

Healing and re-membering - begins.

That is the practice.

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Client Testimonials

Family Feedback

There are few people who have had such a positive influence on kids that as soon as you meet a teen in town you can sense whether or not they have experienced the magic of the person.  Kelly Tisdel is one such person.  In the town of Ashland, if I meet a teen who is:  calm, confident, comfortable in their skin, compassionate, patient, present, and able to engage in sincere and thoughtful conversation, I assume they have worked with Kelly Tisdel.  All three of my children (now high school through college) have enjoyed a vast array of experiences with her, and they will each say the same thing, that they hope their relationship with Kelly lasts a lifetime and that she had a tremendous positive impact on shaping their perspectives.  One would be challenged to find someone who has her unique expertise in:  problem solving, teaching, compassionate listening, team building, wilderness survival, storytelling, open hearted communication, nonjudgement, sense of humor, and sense of adventure.  She is one of the absolute gems found in Ashland, Oregon that makes the town so unique and special.  And now that she's also working remote, so many more will benefit. Any youth who gets to experience the magic of Kelly Tisdel will recognize how lucky they are; she is a parent's dream come true!

Jen Gibbs, Parent

I began working with Kelly when I was a sophomore in high school. She created a space in our weekly circles that made me feel comfortable and safe. When I first entered the space that Kelly created for me and my peers, I felt lost and unable to process my emotions in a healthy manner. Kelly personally helped me overcome my fear of vulnerability and facilitated the difficult process as I grew into my own unique person. She helped guide me into who I am today. When I feel overwhelmed with life, I remember what she taught me and am able to come back to a grounded and conscious state. I will be forever grateful for her and the friendship we cultivated. Kelly was the greatest mentor I had during my high school years, and she is someone I will always look up to for the years to come.

Isabelle Mellon, 21 years old

Kelly has helped me so much as I navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. She is very understanding, and I know that she is always there for me. She has taught me to take life one step at a time and how to ground myself during hard and stressful moments. She is the most kind and understanding person I know. I can always go to her for advice and can tell her anything in the safe, and non-judgemental space she provides. I always feel better after talking to her and am forever grateful to know her.

Ella Lovett, 15 years old


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